Terms and conditions of use

1Lite, Inc. Class registration and payment must be submitted to 1Lite to access your 1Lite selected class.  You agree to follow class instructions and complete all questions found in each section, module or part of the 1Lite class for credit.

1Lite, Inc. class confirmation and access to your chosen class will be emailed to you following your successful registration and class payment.

Class registration does not ensure successful class completion. You must register, successfully complete all sections, modules, and parts of the 1Lite, Inc. Education Class. Once your class submission has been accepted, reviewed, and found to be successfully completed by 1Lite, Inc.  1Lite, Inc. will issue a class completion certificate to your referring agency or attorney. It is your responsibility to ensure your referring agent, Court or agency receives the completion certificate

The 1Lite, Inc. Offender Education class(s) may be described in a number of different ways by Officers, Courts, and agencies; with varying descriptions and titles. It is your responsibility to ensure you are registering for the correct class to fulfill the requirements specified by your Attorney, the Court or the State Attorney’s Office. If there is any question, please call the Offices of the 1Lite, Inc. during business hours and speak with a live attendant. Office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. REGISTRATION PROCESS: Click on the class you would like to take and follow the instructions to register and purchase your program. Fill in the information requested on the reservation form. An * indicated required information to continue registration.  

To register for a class, click the “Class Title Panel” button and follow the instructions. You must fill in all the required information indicated with a * in front of the box. You must also check any boxes which may have an * beside it, or you will be unable to advance to the next step.   Follow the steps which will help you select the class, date, and location. If at any time you feel you would like to change your mind and not register, just stop and do not submit your credit card information and return to the main menu.  

1Lite classes use a prepayment by credit card for the registration and purchasing your program. ALL charges for purchasing a program or class are nonrefundable (NO REFUNDS). Be sure you are selecting the correct class. Input your credit card information and print your credit card payment receipt.

An additional $5.00 processing fee will be assessed for any registration.  I agree to all terms and conditions as set forth in the preceding class registration requirements.